Top 10 Online Dating Sites for 2015

Founded in 2011, is a fast-growing online dating site helping gentleman around the world to find their true love in Russia and Eastern European countries. CharmDate offers free membership and your profile has the opportunity to be posted in their local partner agencies, as experienced users have reported. They provide a variety of innovative ways to get in touch with ladies and build serious relationships in a safe environment.

First, signing up on is simple – just go to their sign up website and fill out the required info and you’ll get a member ID. Then you can complete your profile and upload your photo to your CharmDate account. You can browse the entire database with thousands of charming Russian and Eastern European ladies, including tons of photos and video clips. Communication tools like EMF Mail and Cupid Note help you to express your interest to those ladies you feel a connection. If they are also interested in you, you will get a positive reply and the romance begins. knows all about the challenges of dating Russian women online, and have developed effective tools to get in touch quickly and build strong, long-lasting relationships in a safe platform. You can use Live Chat, Love Call, Admirer Mail and other services to help your relationship blossom, and Cupid Date can help you meet your girl face-to-face. If you choose, you can also receive email updates with the newest ladies who joined and match your criteria, quite useful.

Many singles use a professional online-dating service as opposed to a traditional one because they want to take the painstaking and time-consuming work out of their dating search. Instead, they focus their energy on building a connection with their chosen match. Search functions offer you different choices when finding the match on The free basic service is actually quite extensive compared to many other international marriage dating sites. You may also need credits for more enhanced features. If you’re not sure whether you need the upgrades, don’t worry—just create a basic profile and spend time exploring the site; you can always upgrade later. As an editor, I think, their services will cost credits. But everything is worthwhile since you can find your future wife and the translators and other staff provide great support.

With tens of thousands of active members, CharmDate offers a safe, fun and exciting platform for gentlemen around the world to interact with Russian, Ukrainian and Eastern European women for love and romance. 

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison - Have an affair. Married Dating, Affairs, Married Women, Extramarital Affair

Whether this actually constitutes a “dating” site depends on whether your dating parameters extend into extra-marital affairs (which are, of course, WRONG). Ashley Madison makes no bones about what it is and, with a questionable moral code, it’s probably not for everyone. Yet what the success of this adultery-specialist site tells me (eight million subscribers, allegedly) is that there is a shed load of sexually frustrated married men and women out there who aren’t communicating well. Whether the tagline – “Life is short. Have an affair” – tallies with the actual experience the site delivers is another matter. Although it’s fine if what you’re after is tedious cyber sex with lonely married people who are too scared of being alone to leave their partner and too scared of an argument to ask for more in the bedroom. (


eHarmony claims to be “responsible for nearly 4% of new U.S. marriages” and scores well in surveys of online dating hookup sites, if you’re the sort of person who believes surveys. This is a serious site for serious (I didn’t say desperate) singles – and you’d better be serious to fork out £45 for a month’s membership (although reviewing your matches is free). eHarmony takes a quantitive approach to matching based on “key dimensions of compatibility proven to be the foundation for a long-term relationship, like character, intellect and values”. For those looking for a long-term emotional investment the site is very good at separating the wheat from the chaff and finding the sort of people you say you like, but it means that you may miss out on the spark of someone surprising and exciting enough to tempt you away from your usual “type”. (


OkCupid describes itself as “the fastest-growing online dating site”, thanks to its “math-based matching system” – dating’s answer to Google’s algorithm. It’s pretty much free to use, too. More important than what’s going on under the bonnet, the standard of hotties on the site is relatively good, with plenty of hip, urban types on its database. (see below) it aint – in my experience many people here only want a FWB arrangement, so don’t sign up looking for a life partner. But if that’s your cup of tea, great, and I’d certainly recommend it for its in-depth filtering system, a series of questionaires that narrow down your search in a realistic and practical way. (


This is where people go to get married, if you believe the ads, and you have to be pretty serious if you’re going to stump up the £30 monthly fee (cheaper if you commit to three or six months).

I didn’t get married after my experiences with Match, but I did learn an important lesson: an awful lot of people are deceptively attractive from a distance. One fella I dated for a few weeks seemed to have it all going on; he had a briefcase and a job which occassionally requred him to commute to Burgess Hill, so I was pretty sure that he was a full-blown adult. I heard wedding bells after the first few dates, until he started acting like we had already been married for 17 years and gave up on any pretence of romance. He berated me for the state of my fridge (“KitKat Chunkys and beer, what sort of woman are you?”), then he started leaving toothpaste spit in the basin, which was one of the more repeatable bathroom crimes he committed. Should I blame Match? Possibly not, but I do.

Match claims its site has “led to more dates, marriages and relationships than any other.” Which might well be true, but perhaps that’s because so many of its members are willing to compromise, having given up on ever finding someone they actually have a spark with as they navigate SO MANY profiles that ALL SOUND THE SAME. (

Uniform Dating

We’ve all seen the naff ads on telly; Uniform Dating is the Aldi of the online partner-shopping scene. Yet I have (female) nurse friends who use the site because, in their line of work, they only ever meet doctors – who apparently have an irritating superiority complex. They explained that they want to meet someone who “gets” their weird, knackering shift patterns, but not someone with whom they have to talk shop all the time.

It’s not just for nurses: UD is where PCSOs and firemen come to meet stewardesses and traffic wardens, shattering the delusion that working in uniform is one big porn movie waiting to be filmed. (Though for some users that’s probably part of the site’s initial appeal.)

Standard membership is free, but if you want to contact another member you’ll have to upgrade to FULL membership, for £30 a month. So how does it work? During registration, UD asked if I was part of a uniformed industry and provided a drop-down list which included such options as “model” and even “journalist” (well, I suppose chardonnay-smattered chinos and a pyjama top are a sort-of uniform). But on the basis that no one tells the truth on dating sites I opted for “prison officer”, because I’ve always harboured a secret fetish for dangerous convicts.

Alas there’s no whiff of danger to uniform dating. It’s a no-nonsense site for straight-down-the-line singles who know what they want and go for it – as illustrated by such profile names as red_hot_refuse_collector.

Did I meet anyone interesting? No, but I was impressed and flattered when one of those furry-hatted blokes outside Buckingham Palace started messaging me. Or at least, that’s where he said he worked, and who am I to doubt him? (

Plenty of Fish

I took an interest in PoF because a friend of mine was dating a guy she had met on there, and you don’t have to register to “window-shop”, as it were. You know what they say about curiousity and the cat? I scrolled through the profiles of men in my city (chav, chav, sex pest, chav) only to stumble across the guy I had been dating for a YEAR. He had last logged on a few days ago.

Learn from my lesson: when dating sites are free, as this one is, people tend to use them as a cheap salicious self-esteem boost. It’s very easy to pretend to be someone you’re not, or over-hype who you really are. As genuine as someone seems, they may not have the same agenda as you; make sure that the girl you are getting attached to is legit. My rule of thumb is to suggest meeting after about 10 messages. If they aren’t keen then they either just want a cyber-flirt or they have something to hide. (

Sugar Daddie

“Where the classy, attractive and affluent can meet”, claims the site. Begging the question: meet whom? In fact, the men I met on Sugar Daddie were super hot, super rich, and super nice. But obviously super married. (Whereas I **climbs to higher moral ground** was looking for a single, solvent baby-daddy to set me up with a luxury lifestyle and childcare allowance for life, naturally.) However I enjoyed elegant dinners with extremely interesting, busy blokes, a world away from the one I know.

You don’t need to be rich to constitute a sugar daddy, just willing to spend money on a girl. This is a rule applies to all dating sites: avoid the temptation to exaggerate. You dont need to be Olympic-standard fit, just reasonably active. You don’t need to be as popular as Harry Styles, just fairly sociable. People will always take great delight in ramping up the exciting aspects of their lifestyle. Often, they are a bit boring, and that’s OK because you are too.

Be warned, there are women on this site who, to my eyes, look just a teeny bit like wannabe escorts, but there are also a lot of nice, slightly lost men and women looking for some shared humanity amidst all the Bollinger and banking crises the world throws at them daily.

Top tip for wannabe bachelors who want to not look married – don’t take your profile pic in the bathroom when your wife is asleep, because we can all see the bottle of Chanel no 5 and the box of Tampax on top of the loo behind you.

Membership costs from $9.99 a month. (


Described as a “sex satnav”, or Grindr for straight people, Tinder is a free app that uses your (and other people’s) Facebook details, combined with GPS, to find out if there are any compatible, interested singles near you. Simply swipe “yes” to tell them you like the look of them, wait for them to respond, and you’ve saved yourselves a hefty restaurant bill or several hours of awkward pub chat. According to Tinder, however, the only people living near me are 22-year-old white males. Presumably the app thinks it is helpfully narrowing down my target demographic, but what if I actually fancy an old, Asian lesbian this evening? Whether it’s genuinely useful or plain gimmicky, I’m undecided, but it’s interesting to spy on your neighbours, if nothing else – although there’s definite potential for stalking/dogging. (


Part of the Match group, Chemisty’s USP is that it uses “three decades of research by biological anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher” (me neither) to help you find Mr/Miss Right. And that’s roughly how long it takes to fill in the forms. Dr Fisher says the registration process will “help you pole vault those early relationship breaking points.” She starts by working out if you are a builder, negotiator, director, or explorer, after which my mind began to wander. The rest of the form-filling marathon passed in a slow-motion blur, as I began to realise that I could’ve got married and had three children in the time it took to see anyone’s face through, and that my initial $50 monthly subscription would have expired before I’d hit “submit”. The site engages the user like a self-help book. Hey, Dr Helen, I already know ME, it’s OTHER PEOPLE you’re supposed to be helping with. (

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